Know ICADians

Anuj Apte
Physics Prodigy of India

  1. Anuj was scholar boy since his school days at Somalwar, Nikalas, Nagpur.
  2. Anuj is the First student from Vidarbha who won three medals in various International Olympiads for India.
  3. Anuj joined ICAD for his JEE training program in VIII.
  4. Anuj was the first student of Vidarbha to qualify for Indian National Physics Olympiad (INPhO) in XI. For INPhO, only 2 XI standard candidates from India were selected, and 28 students are of XII. Chitrang Murodia (AIR 1) was also selected in the same camp along with ICADian Rupanshu Ganvir (AIR 24). Both were in XII.
  5. While Anuj was in XII, he finished Physics till his post-graduation level.
  6. Anuj was selected for Asian Physics Olympiad and International Physics Olympiad in XII. Top 5 students of India have this privilege. Anuj was considered the top student of India in Indian Camp.
  7. Despite having JEE (Advanced) on May 24, Anuj sacrificed his last 20 days of preparation to attend Indian camp. At this stage, his whole JEE fraternity was preparing for top ranks in JEE (Advanced). Anuj represented India in China for Asian Physics Olympiad (APhO). Anuj won Gold Medal over there.
  8. Had Anuj concentrated on JEE, he would have easily be among top 5 AIR of India. In spite all odds, Anuj qualified JEE (Advanced) with AIR 79.
  9. Later, Anuj missed his Gold Medal in ‘International Physics Olympiad’ by whisker and won Silver Medal over there.
  10. Anuj quit his admission of IIT-Powai in B. Tech in Computer Science, and opted for admission in Indian Institute of Sciences (IISC) Bangalore and wish to pursue his interest in Physics further.