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JEE-Main : Shovan Swain topped ICAD with score of 264. First time in history of ICAD, selection figure crossed 200. It's massive 226.

Board : Continuing last year's feat, more than 37 ICADIANS crossed 90% with top score of Tanvi Kaple 95.23%, and Dolly Jaiswal 93.5%. More than 150 made to 80% and above club.

MHT-CET : ICADian Janmejay Kulkarni topped Nagpur in MHT-CET (Engineering) with score of 189.

ICADians S. Vishwanathan, Sameer Pande & Sarvesh Sunil Bandhaokar qualified for Indian National Mathematics Olympiad (INMO). This is the First time in the history of Nagpur - Three students of the city will be the part of INMO Camp comprising top 35 students of India.

Sameer Pande (AIR-89), Harsh Dolhare (AIR-261) & Nachiket Deoghare (AIR-271) has secured Kishor Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY) Fellowship Awards.

4 ICADians, qualify the prestigious Regional Mathematics Olympiad.

Sameer Pande Maharshtra state rank 7th, Sarvesh Bandhaokar Maharashtra Rank 13th, Vedant Bonde Maharashtra Rank-18th. And in girls category Ms. Sharvari Hedaoo secured Maharashtra Rank-2nd

In National Mathematics Talent Contest (NMTC) conducted by Association of Mathematics Teachers of India (AMTI) ICADian Sameer Pande has secured AIR-2, Harsh Dolhare has secured AIR-6, while Shovan Swain secured AIR-11.


First time in the history of Vidarbha, ICADian, Anuj Apte, won Gold Medal at Asian Physics Olympiad held at Hangzhou, China.

ICADian, Anuj Apte, made the City proud. Anuj won Silver Medal at 46th International Physics Olympiad held in Mumbai, India.

Maths Girl Prodigy, ICADian, Pranjal Warade bronze medal in International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO), which was held in Chiang Mai, Thailand

ICADian, Ms Pranjal Warade, won Bronze Medal in ‘European Girls Mathematics Olympiad’ held at Minsk, Belarus. Pranjal is among two girls of India to get selected and only contestant to win medal.

ICADian, Anuj Apte, earned All India Rank 79 in JEE (Advanced). This is the consecutive Second year when ICADian stood in top 100 AIR.

6 ICADians got in first 1000 AIR of JEE (Advanced). These distinguished students are Anuj Apte- AIR 79, Mandar Bhurchandi- AIR 147, Shreyas Bhat- AIR 262, Abhijeet Bhure- AIR 855, Ashwin Tayade- AIR 901, Sumit Mamtani- AIR 922.

ICADian, Abhijit Bhure, scored 442 in BITSAT, and stood top in Vidarbha.

45 ICADians cracked JEE (Advanced), while 154 ICADians qualified JEE (Mains).

KVPY Final: ICADians, Abhijeet Bhure, Mandar Bhurchandi qualified KVPY final level & got amongst top students of India.

INPhO: Anuj Apte qualified for Indian National Physics Olympiad (INPhO). He was also selected to represent India in Asian Physics Olympiad (APhO) and International Physics Olympiad (IPhO).

INMO: ICADians, Ms Pranjal Warade and Mr S. Vishwanathan selected for INMO.

ICADian, Ameya Prabhune secured Gold Medal in Indian National Chemistry (INChO) Olympiad.

RMO- ICADians, Shovan Swain, S. Vishwanathan, Harsh Dolhare, Ashay Wanjarkar successfully cleared RMO. RMO is the first step towards INMO.

AMTI: ICADians, Ashwin Tayade, Pranjal Warade, Suraj Hazra  qualified final level of AMTI.


ICADian, Rupanshu Ganvir topped Nagpur in JEE (Advanced) with AIR 24 and topped India (AIR 1) in Reserved Category.

4 of the top 5 students of the city are ICADians - Rupanshu Ganvir (AIR 24), Aditya Bhagwat (AIR 404), Ameya Prabhune (AIR 442) and Anurag Bhardwaj (AIR 445).

ICADian Ameya Prabhune secured 431/450 in BITSAT, and 4 ICADians crossed prestigious 400 score in BITSAT.

ICADian Anurag Bhardwaj topped Maharashtra in HSSC Board Exam with 98%.

ICADian Rupanshu Ganvir topped Maharashtra State in Reserved Category in HSSC Board Exam with 95%

ICADian Anuj Apte bagged Bronze Medal for INDIA in 15th Asian Physics Olympiad at Singapore.

Rupanshu Ganvir, topped JEE (Main) from Nagpur with a prestigious score of 328.

Mr. Amey Prabhune (JEE- Main Score: 316; Nagpur Rank 2)

Mr. Anurag Bhardwaj (JEE- Main Score: 310; Nagpur Rank 4)

Mr Aditya Bhagwat (JEE- Main Score: 307; Nagpur Rank 5)

KVPY Final: Anuj Apte, Pranjal Warade, Mandar Bhurchandi, Ashwin Tayade, Kartik Venkatraman qualified KVPY final level & got amongst top students of India.

ICADian Rupanshu Ganvir bagged Silver Medal at 45th International Physics Olympiad at Kazakhstan.

INPhO: Rupanshu Ganvir and Anuj Apte qualified prestigious Indian National Physics Olympiad (INPhO), and secured themselves in top 30 students of India.

INMO: Rupanshu Ganvir and Ms Pranjal Warade qualified prestigious Indian National Mathematics Olympiad (INMO), and secured themselves in top 30 students of India.

RMO: ICADians, Pranjal Warade, Piyush Varyani, Ameya Prabhune, Anurag Bharadwaj successfully cleared RMO. RMO is the first step towards INMO.

AMTI: Anurag Bharadwaj (AIR 6), , Rupanshu Ganvir (AIR: 9), Ashwin Tayade (AIR: 18) qualified final level of AMTI.