What after XII?

It is always a crucial decision for children and parents. This decision, however, cannot be taken after XIIth, but must be taken as early as possible, at the most during Xth. All the stake holders i.e children and parents must understand that all admissions to the professional courses after XIIth are through Entrance Examinations. These examinations test the skill/aptitude of students for the particular course. It must be understood very clearly that the board examination only provides common platform for all courses and cannot be expected to hone students' skills required for professional courses. For admission to engineering courses one has to shine in Engineering Entrance Examinations (EEE) such as JEE (main) for NITs, IIITs, other central/state engineering institutions, JEE (advanced) for IITs, and BITSAT for BITS etc.

Why Engineering Career?

There are many reasons why one should choose engineering such as job opportunities, status, creativity, satisfaction. At early age most of you
choose engineering as career, not out of passion but due to fashion and that's a blunder. You choose engineering with full understanding. In fact, you should start with the meaning of 'Engineering'. In most simple terms it means to 'make it happen'. In other words it means application of knowledge of science to 'create' various things for betterment of society. Engineer is thus, a problem solver!

Engineering from where?

There is a great difference when you do the engineering course from IITs, NITs, other top institutions and rest of the institutions. However, the difference is perceivable only after finishing the course, when knowledge application, job opportunities and salaries are compared. It is no wonder then, that IITs and NITs are most sought after institutions for studies in engineering.

How to get into the dream institutions?

I congratulate you for selecting engineering career and deciding to get into these dream institutions. But remember, it is not at all an easy task. You will have to acquire all the necessary skills to get through this toughest test of your life. As a first step, you will have to remove from your mind the successes you have got up to Xth, because they may not be reflecting your skill for engineering.

Secondly, you will have to change your attitude and study pattern. You will have to study 'appropriately' on continuous basis for the next two years. You need tremendous patience and determination. Thirdly, you need complete faith in yourself and the system which is training you.

Why Medical career?

Like Engineers, Doctors from various disciplines, paramedics, pharmacy are also required in huge numbers. Medical career also has status, creativity, satisfaction, and more over a very important - social angle.

There are large numbers of institutions such as AIIMS, AFMC, State government & other reputed Private Medical colleges from where one can pursue medical degree. Admissions to all these institutes are based on NEET score.

ICAD's NEET program is a 'neatly' designed program which will take you to your dream institution.

How ICAD SL will help you achieve your dream?

I also congratulate you for posing faith in ICAD SL as a training system. Philosophy of ICAD SL is not merely to coach/teach you Physics, Chemistry and Maths of XI/XII, but to awaken your inner self and make you self-propelled by end of the course. By merely attending lectures, you will just gather information, which may be mistaken for knowledge. Actually, you are required to apply knowledge for problem solving. Problem solving is a skill which cannot be taught, it is to be acquired by practice. If you have it, try to sharpen it, if you don't have, try to get it. ICAD SL will guide you to become Problem Solver and it will be your duty to do the required self-study. You will have to stop being spoon-fed and must learn to select, earn, eat and digest your own food. The main difficulty faced by students and parents is how to cope up with the change in attitude and study pattern. First two-three months are very crucial for adapting to the new system; any delay can cause irreparable damage to the success potential. ICAD SL addresses this issue by continuous counseling and mentoring system, you must take advantage of this system for achieving best possible result.

In this course, bad times are there more often than good times, frustrations are there, people around you will give you various advices, may pass silly remarks, and you will be tempted to go by easy paths. Let me tell you that all these things happen because somewhere you have not adhered to the success-path shown to you by ICAD SL.

We know that it is not possible to spell success without U, but also note that it is impossible to achieve success without Mentor. Success is guaranteed if U and Mentor work together. You simply give us your determination, have faith in us, have patience and work with us for two years; we will mentor you to the success.

I quote words of our former President Hon'ble APJ Abdul Kalam -
"Dream is not that which we see in sleep , but dream is that which does not allow us to sleep !"

Happy "dreaming" for EEEing!

All The Best !

Director Academics
ICAD School of Learning Pvt.Ltd.