Dear Aspirants,

It's quite heartening to acquaint you with the basics of ICAD and ICADians' success. Successful JEE/NEET aspirants are quite determined and focused individuals. Institution also plays its pivotal role in providing best training, guidance, disciplined culture, and direction. It is the job of institution to make its students' march easier and to increase his/her academic performance level. Therein lays the forte of ICAD. We are not only providing budding ICADians result-oriented culture but also making them perform better than what they are at the entry level.

Since inception, ICADians are performing fantastically in their respective JEE pursuit. In last 8 years of result, ICAD has produced AIR 24,79, 94, 104, 147, 192, 262, 289, 404, 442,445,554,557, 654, 855, 874, 883, 898, 901, and 922. In 2017, 109 ICADians qualified JEE (Advanced), and this has happened for the first time in ICAD history. In JEE (Main) 2017 result, ICAD stood at No. 1 position in Vidarbha when 460 ICADians qualified JEE (Main). More than 300 ICADians are placed in top institutions like IITs, NITs, Government Institutions and top autonomous institutions. This clearly indicates the growing cooperation from ICADians and improving system at ICAD. This also indicates ICAD's concern for Success of each and every student of ICAD.

In 2015, ICAD commenced its prestigious Medical Entrance Training Program with a vision to set landmark in this field like it has established in Engineering Entrance Examinations and studies abroad. In its very first result in a batch of 50, 18 ICADians got into top medical colleges of our country, with topper Jayesh Urkude (NEET 622, AIIMS- AIR327) got into KEM-Mumbai.

JEE and Medical Entrance Examinations are witnessing changes for the past few years. ICAD has its strength in constant innovation and adaptability. In last two years, ICAD developed its own 'Lecture Plans' for JEE, NEET and Foundation programs. In 2017, ICAD came up with many process innovations like ''SOLVE: 6 Step Solving System', 'Mentoring', and 'Test Analysis' along with 'Lecture plans'. Product and Process Innovations started, and there is still long way to go.

ICADians are accepting newer challenges in Engineering/Medical Entrance Exams with much vigor and preparation, and hence are standing apart amid intense competition. ICAD too is firmly sticking to its values of 'Academic Excellence', 'Students First', 'Transparency', 'Employee Welfare', and 'Product and Process Innovations', thereby creating the difference.

Whatever the challenges are, basics in education like focus, hard-work, consistency, diligence, thinking ability etc remain undeterred. With these basics and ICAD's result oriented culture, let's get in the best Engineering and Medical Institutes in 2020.

All The Best!

Founder & CEO
ICAD School of Learning Pvt.Ltd.