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Welcome to ICAD School of Learning
AIEEE training in Nagpur

Ameya Prabhune qualified Chemistry olympiad 2nd level...

Anuj Apte & Rupanshu Ganvir qualified Physics olympiad 2nd level...

Rupanshu Ganvir & Pranjal Warade qualified INMO...


ICAD completes a decade of service to the students of Vidarbha region.

JEE Top Ranks created so far... AIR: 94, 192, 289, 557, 577, 829, 874, 883, 893, 981...


More than 200 ICADians have qualified JEE (Advanced)/IIT-JEE and more than 800 qualified JEE (Main)/AIEEE till date.


3 ICADians of Foundation Batch: Ameya Prabhune, Anurag Bharadwaj, and Rupanshu Ganvir, created HISTORY.

For the first time in Nagpur, all these 3 candidates qualified for all 4 Olympiads: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Astronomy.


Rupanshu Ganvir qualifies Indian National Mathematics Olympiad (INMO)-2013.
He is the only student from Nagpur to achieve this rare feat amongst 27 students who qualified at National level.


RMO Results-2013.

Only ICADians cleared RMO-2013 from Nagpur.

Successful ICADians are
Pranjal Warade- 2nd rank in Maharashtra in XI standard.
Piyush Varyani- 26th rank in Maharashtra in XI standard.
Ameya Prabhune- 3rd rank in Maharashtra in XII standard.
Anurag Bharadwaj- 5th rank in Maharashtra in XII standard.

Overall 11 ICADians qualified KVPY. 

ICADians Gaurav Waratkar, Abhijeet Bhure, Anuj Apte, Ashwin Tayade, Mandar Bhurchandi, Kartik Venkatraman, Pranjal Warade, Mandar Khapekar, Ameya Prabhune, Rupanshu Ganvir, and Anurag Bhardwaj have qualified KVPY (Kishor Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojna) in XIth Itself.


Only ICADians able to qualify NMTC-2013 conducted by AMTI.

3 ICADians, Ashwin Tayde (AIR 18) of XI, Anurag Bhardwaj (AIR 6) and Rupanshu Ganvir (AIR 9) of XII achieved this rare feat.


XIth Stars

An ICADian qualified Physics Olympiad (NSEP-2013) in XIth itself, and is the first student of Nagpur to do so.


3 Teams from ICAD got selected in Final round of TECHNICHE

(IIT-Guwahati Techfest)!
Piyush Varyani & Ashwin Tayade.
Anurag Bharadwaj & Ameya Prabhune.
Yash Pundlik & Mandar Khapekar

ICADians stand Top in KVPY-2013 from Nagpur.
7 ICADians qualify KVPY Aptitude Test.
Successful ICADians are Abhijeet Bhure, Anuj Apte, Ashwin Tayade, Gaurav Waratkar, Mandar Bhurchandi, Kartik Venkatraman, Pranjal Warade.

ICADians proved best in KVPY-2012.
Rupanshu Ganvir AIR-32, Anurag Bharadwaj AIR-118 & Ameya Prabhune AIR-131. 6 of Nagpur students qualified KVPY. 3 are ICADians.

ICADians are on roll...
Ameya Prabhune, Anurag Bharadwaj, Rupanshu Ganvir qualify 2nd level of A.M.T.I Examination.

ICADians make Nagpur proud again by qualifying Regional Mathematics
Anurag Bharadwaj, Piyush Varyani, Rupanshu Ganvir, Shubham Porlikar, Pranjal Warade qualify RMO-2012.
5 out of 7 qualified students are ICADians.

Registrations started for ICAD’s Entrance (CPA) Test for Session: 2014-16.
Entrance Exam on: 6th April 2014.

Courses Offered:
JEE-Main & Advanced (XI Moving)

Online Registration for CPA - 2014 ICAD ENTRANCE TEST
IIT-JEE coaching in Nagpur
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IIT training in Nagpur
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