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JEE (MAIN) Phase (I): First 3 rankers of Vidarbha are from ICAD. ICADian Vedant Saboo topped Vidarbha with 99.9764 perceen. Eeshan Jain scored 99.9676 percentile, Chinmay Ratnaparkhi scored 99.9613 percentile.

Top 5 ICADians who scored unprecedented 300+ score or 99.9 percentile above are Vedant Saboo, Eeshaan Jain, Chinmay Ratnaparkhi, Rahul Pathak, Atharva Wardhade.

600+ selections are expected in JEE(Main) from ICAD.

ICADian Chinmay Ratnaparkhi qualified INCho (Indian National Chemistry Olympiad). He is now amongst top 42 students of India. Only student from Nagpur to qualify for INChO.

4 ICADians Chinmay Ratnaparkhi, Eeshaan Jain, Atharva Warhade & Rahul Pathak qualified NSEC (National Standard Examination in Chemistry).

ICADian Chinmay Ratnaparkhi qualified NSEP (National Standard Examination in Physics).

3 ICADians Eeshaan Jain, Yash Agrawal & Abhiraj Mengave qualified NSEA (National Standard Examination in Astronomy).

7 ICADians Chinmay Ratnaparkhi, Eeshaan Jain, Atharva Warhade, Vedant Saboo, Aryan Hingwe, Indrayani Tayade & Akash Suryawanshi qualified KVPY.

The tally is now the highest in Vidarbha! In last 8 years 38 ICADians have cleared KVPY (Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana).

3 ICADians Kalyani Sainis, Raghav Sapre & Soham Dahane qualified RMO (Regional Mathematics Olympiad).


Massive 433+ ICADians qualified JEE MAIN 2018 till last count.

3 ICADians in Top 1000 AIR.

6 ICADians in Top 2000 AIR

Girls Topper, Ms Vedashree Chandewar (CAT AIR 285, JEE Score 240).

SC Category Topper, Harshad Ingole (CAT AIR 15, JEE Score 259).

City OBC Topper, Shashank Raut (CAT AIR 87, JEE Score 269).

18 ICADians crossed prestigious 200 score in JEE (Main).

6 ICADians crosses prestigious 240 score in JEE (Main).

1st Amravati District Topper Mithila Sanor (JEE Score 235) 3rd Amravati District Topper Deepshri Sharma (JEE Score 202) and 5th Amravati District Topper (JEE Score 198) are ICADians.


Massive 460+ ICADians qualified JEE-MAIN 2017. The highest selection in Vidarbha.

109 ICADians qualified JEE-ADVANCED 2017. ICAD reached 3 digit marks in Advanced selections.

Sameer Pande (AIR 104) stood top ranker from ICAD now he is IIT-Delhi. Harsh Dolhare (AIR 855) is the second ranker from ICAD, is in IIT-Powai.

In its very first year of medical batch of limited 50 students ICAD has given wonderful results. First batch ICADians are studying in Jayesh Urkude (NEET Score: 629) is studying in King Edward Memorial Hospital Mumbai.

45 ICADians secured 90% + in boards.

2 ICADians Kalyani Saynis & Indrayani Tayde cleared RMO 2017.

7 ICADians Atharva Warhade, Chinmay Ratnaparkhi, Shashank Raut, Suhani Jain, Vedant Bang, Yash Fulzele & Akash Suryawanshi qualified KVPY 2017


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